Disaster Recovery – is your business prepared?


Implement a Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery plan is a complex and important piece of work for any business, and often overlooked and underprepared

Microsoft also engages in a Shared Responsibility Model for its services such as Office 365 / Azure services so it is important to understand that you need to backup all your data in Office 365 and Microsoft services to ensure that you can recover if necessary. As unlikely as it is that the Microsoft Office 365 platform or Azure platform will have a disaster, it is your business responsibility to back up your data and have sufficient plans in place to mitigate this

  1. Data Backups
    1. Independent Data Backups of your data and cloud based data
  2. Server Backups
    1. Ensure your servers are backed up and are
  3. Check Restores
    1. Check your data backups can be restored
    2. Check your Server backups can be restored
  4. High Availability
    1. Ensure that any critical infrastructure has High Availability options where possible
  5. Business Continuity
    1. If there is a physical disaster preventing access to your office or its equipment how and where would you work from


Wizard Cyber provide Office 365 backup services
Engage with Wizard Group consultants to discuss your Disaster recovery concerns
Implement Azure Site Recovery for any on premise servers to ensure they are backed up and can be switched on if necessary.

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