Business Solutions

CYBERSHIELD Managed Detection and Response

Detect and respond to cyber attacks.

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Securing Remote Workers

Securing Remote Workers with CYBERSHIELD.

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Securing the Cloud

Secure Office 365 and other Cloud Services.

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Securing the Endpoint

Secure your endpoints with CYBERSHIELD Defender.

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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Secure your cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security.

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SOC as a Service

Outsourcing your Security Operations Centre.

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SIEM as a Service

Azure Sentinel - the ultimate cloud SIEM.

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Office 365 Cyber Security

Secure Office 365 with CYBERSHIELD Guardian.

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Microsoft Cyber Security Ecosystem

Learn about the Cyber Security Powerhouse Microsoft has become.

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Does my business need cyber security?

The cyber security landscape is continually growing in sophistication, and the worsening impact of an attack can be detrimental to any organisation.

SME organisations often believe they are not targeted and often do not have adequate cyber security systems in place. SME’s are cybercriminals preferred target as you still have data and capital but also have inferior protection which makes your organisation, the low hanging fruit.

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