Approached by the Directors of Opus Global Export and I was tasked with developing a 4 new websites. (Opus Global Export, Opus Middle East, Opus BRICS and Opus G Recruit)

They already had the design they wanted and it was just a case of building Opus Global Export in the Black Gold colour scheme and replicating this same theme for Opus BRICS and Middle East in different colours. The content also changed for each site as they was targeting different parts of the world.

Opus G Recruit was the only unique site they wanted something completely different. They supplied me links and features they like from other sites and explained how they wanted them used in their website.


No sample design was done as enough detail was discussed in our intiial meetings that i could start building each phase and having regular meetings to discuss how they wanted the next phase to be done.

They wanted something where they could advertise seasonal and special offers and using sliders we are able to build and switch between previously used deals and makes for a fast turn around if they decide they need something new.


  • Responsive
  • Web Design
  • WordPress
  • Logo Design
  • Video Footage