Delivering great looking functional websites with user-friendly design that search engines love to crawl.


I am a freelance web developer and creative designer, specialising in WordPress development and responsive design. I am passionate about WordPress and I have been using it for over 7 years and have seen it evolve along the way. I’ve been using it to develop modern and impressive websites for clients.

WordPress can do a lot more than most people expect and also handles many of the previously complicated functions such as responsive display and SEO. WordPress was used by more than 23.2% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013.

WordPress 100%
Responsive Design 100%
User Experience (UX) 100%
Hosting / Security 100%
SEO 75%
PHP 70%


Started life in a school that was a Cisco Academy which allowed me to get an early start on my future career in IT was the only area that interested me even from a very early age.

While learning as school I was also employed on a part time basis that then paved the way for my career and lead me to the job that I currently do now. I am actually a Technical Consultant that is involved in Virtulisation, Firewall/Security, Telephony, Networking, PCI Compliance, Microsoft Server and other big projects and Web design was something that I enjoyed doing and also added another string to bow.

I have a technical blog that has been running the best part of 5 years that generates about 10,000 hits a month and web design for me started out by doing the “odd” job for friends and then slowly turned into a full time job.

I know spend roughly 85% of my time doing web design and the other 15% is on large project roll outs.

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